From this blog ( FOOD FOR THOUGHT: GOVERNMENT ), the author outlines what bugs her about Canadian government.

1. It is not a good thing to relinquish all control to a small % of a population such as a political leaders.

2. I have been married for 35 years. Did you know the government penalizes us if we live in the same household? Every year when I do the income tax, I do it individually because that is what we are. I also do it as spousal where we link our SIN together. Every year we have to pay income tax to the government when we do it as a couple yet we would be getting income tax back if we were doing it as individuals. We both claim single through our employers . . . so what is the problem?

3. When the government decided to send our troops to Afghanistan. We have a history of being peace keepers but now we all of a sudden are on active duty and losing some of our young soldiers. That is something that should have been a public election. If more than 50% decide to go to war than so be it.

4. When the government establish different ages for our young adults.

5) Children have the right to make the decision to leave home at 16 yet parents are still responsible for them.

6) Children can make the decision to live away from home yet cannot get grants without parents' permission for student loans until they are out of high school for 4 consecutive years. . . what's up with that? Parents are still responsible financially.

7) Drinking age is too low. Our young people have more and more problems with bar hopping, partying and wasting their youth. Age should be raised to 21 as it was when I was a teenager. There will still be drinkers but I don't think there would be so many bars in business.

8) We all know what smoking does to our health. It is endorsed by health officials and millions and millions of dollars in advertising. So why are tobacco companies still legally allowed to sell the poison? So what is the difference between marijuana and cigarettes? They are both addictive. There is one difference - marijuana doesn't have the deadly chemicals that cigarettes do.

9) Health Cards - You can't get a health card unless you can prove residency. Yet my daughter's health card number is connected to my health card from 23 years ago when the entire family was under one number. What about the homeless people? They are obviously occupying residency in our cities and yet they can't get a health card.

10) Children not allowed to hear "The Our Father" in schools because it might offend the minority.

11) Sponsorships scandals should not even have happened. The government should not be allowed to be in business. The government should be a government . . . nothing else. That way there are no conflicts of interest and tax payers don't pay for their mistakes.

12) I think we need to take a step back and say "Wait a Minute. I am paying you to work for me but you are not doing your job! That is not what I want.

13) Children can commit murder until they are 18 and not have to suffer the same consequences as an adult. Scenario: Where we used to live, a young man (17+ killed a young girl (same age) because she didn't want to go out with him. He hit her on the head with a shovel and burried her in his parents' backyard under the boat. He got out after three years and lives freely. How would I feel as the parent of the young girl? I think if you're going to make 16 the age for a young person to be able to leave home without the parents' permission, that is the age where if you commit a crime, you are tried as an adult. You want to be an adult? Then suffer the consequences of an adult. This should be put to PUBLIC VOTE!

14) Our Government can lend money to corporations outside our country for major business when there are children starving and where there used to be middle class families, these families are now lower middle class. Our Government oppresses its charges.

15) Last but not least is our same sex marriages. God created Man and Woman for a reason.

This is going to be a long post. look:

1. Are you saying that God didn't make homosexuals? Who did? Same-sex marriages are one of the few things that only affect the people who want them. Move south: you'll like it here.

2. Your president, as far as I know, did not masterbate in a coffin during his initiation into the Skull And Bones Club at Yale University.

3. Your president's father did not smuggle drugs using his Gulf Of Mexico oil rigs.

4. If straight guys play hockey, unlike in base- and football they actually look it.

5. You have more bears than us.

6. Pancakes taste better.

7. You have no oil wells, therefore you don't play presidential whore like Mexico does to America.

8. Energy-efficient beer cooling system.

9. How many kids walked into school with guns there in 2006?

10. National Healthcare.

Besides, you're totally rebelling the wrong way. This is...this is like getting a tattoo of a f*cking peace sign, on your INNER LEG, where your mother won't notice it. It's like fly-fishing and throwing them back. You have to do it without being PC! You have to diss hard, and continuously, not like going to the candy store once in a while! OK sanity time. You do make some valid points like 1 and 8, which applies to US as well, but get some perspective. Canada is America's ice pack when it has a migraine. Mexico, likewise, is its symbolic alcohol relief.

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