Merry Christmas nobody

So I wanted to finish a new page of Demon Dreams before the new year. I haven't done any work so far...this is because every time I take a break from the novel I want to work on my drawing or something else. But drawing is hard for me a lot of the time for the same reason that writing is; that little voice in your head going all "his shoulder isn't right. Do you call that perspective?" because it's not that drawing got harder when I've been doing it all my life. No, I'm the one who got harder to please. I've belonged to PK BBS for a year now and seen so many awesome artists that I sweat over every line, wanting to get everything right the first time I do it. I don't like this. It's OK for a sci-fi teen novel to take 4+ years, but not a comic. I want to be able to jot something down. Over, sketched with. Hell, they'll teach me the fine points in art college anyhow, right?

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